Bernard-Raymond Fabré-Palaprat

Bernard-Raymond Fabré-Palaprat (29 May 1773 – 18 February 1838) was the son of a surgeon in the Cahors. He studied at the diocesan seminary and was ordained a priest; however, he left the priesthood to study medicine in Montpellier and Caen, where he received his medical degree on 12 April 1798.  He obtained another medical degree in Paris on 16 September 1803.  On 4 November 1804 Fabré-Palaprat founded the Order of the Temple and revealed the existence of the Larmenius Charter (or “Charter of Transmission”).  The Larmenius Charter, started in Latin in 1324, listed 22 successive Grand Masters of the Knights Templar from 1324 to 1804, with Fabré-Palaprat’s name appearing last on the list. The Charter is named after Johannes Marcus Larmenius, who is believed to have written the document and was believed to have been appointed Grand Master by Jacques de Molay while imprisoned, thereby having the power to appoint his successor (Thomas Theobaldus Alexandrinus in 1324; the first name on the list).  Fabré-Palaprat was awarded the Legion of Honour for his defence of Paris in 1814, and received the July Medal for his actions during the Three Glorious Days of the Revolution of 1830.  The Regency of the Order of the Temple was at one stage passed on to Joséphin Péladan, later becoming amalgamated among other occult groups headed by Papus, finally becoming legally incorporated by the Sovereign Order of the Initiatory Temple and later the Order of the Temple of Secret Initiates. The Templar Collegia also continues to protect and perpetuate a Martinist lineage established by Papus, into which Joseph Péladan had been initiated.

   Raymond Bernard

(Former Grandmaster)

Raymond Bernard (May 19th, 1923-Jan. 10th, 2006), Sovereign Grand Master (Emeritus), O.S.T.I., formerly Grand Master of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, later in 1986 was Supreme Legate. Author of a dozen of books, including, “A Secret Meeting in Rome”, “Letters from Nowhere”, “Strange Encounters”, “The Secret Houses of the Rose Croix”, “Messages of the Celestial Sanctum”, “La Cathedrale Cosmique”, “Enseignements des Maitres de la Connaissance”. He was dubbed in the Palais Caetani (1955-56) in the presence of Count Damiani, who with Baron Cassar, was in possession of an authentic Templar Lineage. After a period of preparation, he opened the portals of the Order of the Temple on February 19, 1988 at the Palais des Papes (Palace of the Popes) in Avignon and personally dubbed the first Chevaliers of the modern Order of The Temple. On September 22, 1990, in the Palace of the Popes, Avignon, a total of 1150 Chevaliers representing all continents of the world, united in the Grand Assembly of Templars under the direction of their Grand Master, Raymond Bernard, who declared that the Order of the Temple, would henceforth be known as the O.S.T.I., and later O.T.S.I Order of the Temple of Secret Initiates had fully re-established itself and resumed it’s activities for the Third Millennium. Charters were solemnly presented to the Grand Commanders of all countries where The Order was already fully active. As an esotericist and spiritual leader, he served in leadership positions within the movements of multiple Martinist lineages and Freemasonry. He worked with leaders of other esoteric movements in Africa, Europe and throughout the world. Raymond Bernard was a spiritual leader whose life was dedicated to service.

Dr. Onslow Wilson

Dr. Onslow Wilson (July 12, 1934- October 16, 2010) was initiated into the O.S.T.I. by the SGM Raymond Bernard in 1989 and was subsequently installed as the First Grand Commander of the Americas by the SGM in 1990 at the Palace of the Popes, Avignon. Dr. Wilson was instrumental in establishing the Ordre Sovereign du Temple Initiatique / the Order of the Temple of Secret Inintiates and later inspiring  the creation of the Templar Collegia. He received Ph.D’s. in Biochemistry and in Investigative Medicine from McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the City of Hope Medical Center in Duarte, California, specializing in working with the terminally ill in Investigative Medicine. He was known for his lecturing and workshops in the English and French speaking worlds, as well as the host of a weekly television program emanating from San Jose, California, entitled “Ockham’s Razor”, which explored the mind-body connection. He was the author of several scientific and metaphysical papers and books, including “Glands: The Mirror of Self”, “Psyche’s Secret: The Path of Personal Integration”, and “Healing from the Inside Out”. He edited “The Mind as Healer: The New Heresy”, and was Editor In Chief of the magazines “Ariadne’s Web” and the Martinist periodical “L’Initiation- English Edition”. Dr. Wilson was the former head of research at the Research Council of R+C University in the Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis. He played an important role in bringing L’Ordre Martiniste to the United States. He belonged to several other esoteric traditions of both European and African lineage.

Timothy W. Hogan 

    (Current Grandmaster O.T.S.I)

Timothy Hogan

Timothy W. Hogan comes from an extensive background of working in Templarism, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, Martinism, and many other esoteric Orders and traditions, and has served in leadership capacities within all of these traditions. He has delivered hundreds of lectures and initiations internationally, and has written several books, dozens of magazine articles, and has appeared on many international television and podcast interviews. He is known for his diplomatic work on behalf of the Templar Collegia, Circes, the OSTI & O.T.S.I, regularly meeting with political and religious leaders worldwide, and serving as symbolic advisor in the Entertainment Industry. He regularly lectures on alchemy, qabalah, Hermeticism, Gnosticism, the Holy Grail, sacred geometry, and cross-cultural spiritual traditions. Timothy Hogan was first knighted into spiritual chivalry at the age of eight and has devoted his life to perpetuating the work of the Quest and protecting the Holy Grail. Timothy Hogan studied under Dr. Onslow Wilson and spent time with both Dr. Wilson and Raymond Bernard in France prior to being elected to fulfill the role as current Grand Master.

Tau Rosamonde Miller   (O.T.S.I Hierophant)

Rosamonde Miller

In January 1962, Tau Rosamonde Miller was contacted and offered ordination by emissaries of the hierophant (bishop) of the Mary Magdalene Order (Holy Order of Miriam of Magdala) in Southern France. She became at that time the successor to the Lady (bishop/hierophant) as well as their seventh and last Marashin, a title given every few centuries and with no counterpart in other traditions. The Mary Magdalene Order claims its lineage of succession from Mary Magdalene herself. After the death of Jesus, given the attitude toward women at that time, it became necessary for her to leave if she and her lineage were to survive. According to tradition, Mary Magdalene, along with Joseph of Arimathea and a few trusted ones fled to the West. They landed in the British Islands where they stayed until Joseph's death. Once her work with Joseph was completed, she sailed with some of the women to the Continent. Her successors survived despite bigotry and persecutions by the careful selection of candidates; by the passing of their orders exclusively to women; and by maintaining the most strict secrecy throughout the centuries. Rosamonde trains and ordains men as well as women in this line of succession. Eleven years later, in the latter part of 1973, she was again offered ordination. This time in the traditional lines of apostolic succession. On January 18, 1981, seven years after her ordination she was consecrated bishop at the Gnostic Sanctuary in Palo Alto, Ca. In 1978, She envisioned creating a sanctuary that she herself would have liked to attend; with no membership, beliefs or dogma—a refuge for spiritual travelers, where no one would impose their reality upon another. Rosamonde is currently the Hierophant of the O.T.S.I Order of the Temple of Secret Initiates.

John Logan Parsons III 

   (Current Deputy Grandmaster)

John Logan Parsons III

John Logan Parsons III is the Co-Founder of the Templar Collegia and current Seneschal of the Order of the Temple of Secret Initiates. He is a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Freemason, A.M.O.R.C Rosicrucian, Templar Collegia Classmaster, (O.M.O.T) Ordre Martiniste of the Temple, C.I.R.C.E.S  International alumni, Knight Templar, Author, Guitarist and Lead Singer of the band Immerser .


Bray Weaver is Monsignor and Rector of Saint Mary Magdalene’s parish in Denver Colorado. Bray is a bishop elect in the Apostolic Johannite church. He is a knight in the O.T.S.I. and a knight commander for the United States within the order of the temple of Saint John. Bray was raised in a church of Shamanism. He is extremely well versed in the Buddhist traditions of the east, and druid traditions of the west.

The Templar Collegia was established in loving memory of

Walter Stewart  (O.T.S.I)

March 20, 1948 - November 21, 2012

Walter Stewart was a celebrated artist who was known for his fine art paintings which were displayed in both public galleries and private venues around Colorado. Walt was a trusted adviser to many, particularly in spiritual matters. He was widely known for having been a personal body guard and assistant of the celebrated Manly Palmer Hall while living in California. Walt was also Manly Hall's last ministerial student in the Church of the People. Walt is remembered for his lectures at fraternal bodies that he regularly participated in, to include Freemasonry, the friends of Saint Martin, and CIRCES International, where he also left behind incredible artwork he produced. Everyone who encountered Walt loved him very much, and his gentle presence will be missed in the world. Walter was a man of strong convictions and a gentle mannerism, who stood up for what he thought was right, while showing loving compassion. He was a man who showed respect to all, and who all respected. He can best be remembered by working to inculcate the virtues that he selflessly displayed to the world.